About My Little School

Welcome to Deming Public Schools PreK where we are happy to play, learn, and grow together! Thanks to the New Mexico PreK Grant Initiative, we are able to provide PreK classes for all 4 year old children in the Deming community with no fees. The district also provides Early PreK for younger children who become eligible on their third birthday. 
We celebrate diversity and in no way discriminate when selecting student participants based on race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, language or any other demographic. All of our classes are considered inclusion models as they serve students with disabilities along side students who have patterns of typical development. All of our programs have at least one Spanish speaking adult on the instructional team to provide additional support for students. 

The teachers at MLS use the New Mexico Early Learning Guidelines as standards to measure each student's progress. There are 27 essential indicators within 7 developmental domains that are authentically assessed throughout the school year. The following three target goals were selected for particular focus:
Students will develop phonemics awareness by blending syllables, identifying and producing rhymes.
Students will improve rote counting and naming/identifying numerals.
Students will improve independence in tasks and activities during routines and play.

My Little School Mission Statement:

My Little School is committed to creating partnerships with families to reach shared goals and expectations related to holistic learning. We will continually expand upon each child’s natural curiosity through purposeful, playful and personalized interaction. Our high quality inclusive early childhood programs and practices are a result of an integrated system of professional development. Our mantra for staff, students and their families is…

“Always Learning”


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